Feteasca Alba

Feteasca Alba

It is a white clonal variation of the indigenous variety Feteasca neagra originating in the area of Moldova in Romania..

Grape characteristics

This grape variety has been  cultivated for many years in the country. It is a white clonal variation of the typical variety Feteasca neagra originating in the area of Moldova (eastern part of Romania) in Romania. Today it is cultivated in most of the regions of Romania.

Feteasca Alba is an early variety and needs about 150-160 days of vegetation and rather low temperatures of about 1000 to 1100 degrees C, thus being suitable for the northernmost regions.

The variety is vigorous, with an average fertility; it requires a lot of wood. It withstands frost and has to be carefully handled.

In Dealu Mare, the ripening process takes place in the first half of September.

The grapes are medium sized, in the shape of truncated cones and they are sometimes winged; the medium-small round berries are yellow-green and the pistil is visible.

Production per hectare ranges between 7-9 tons (it can produce more, however, at the expense of quality), in which case it easily accumulates 200-220 g sugar/l of fermented wine, while keeping a correct level of acidity of 3.8- 4.2 g/l (expressed as sulfuric acid) and a pH of 3.2-3.3.

The fermented wine that is obtained in the process oxidizes easily and therefore requires special care.

Wines produced

Feteasca Alba wines stand out not only due to their flavours but also because they are characterized by finesse and a special balance.

The wines, depending on how they were designed, can either be wines that are immediately ready for consumption or wines that need to be matured for a few months in wooden or glass barrels before they are put on the market, in which case they can be aged for several years.

Flavors and aromas

Smell and taste: citrus fruits, lime-tree blossom, developing with time, scents of wildflowers, hay and ripe apricot.

Food pairings

It can go with white meat, fish, can be an appetizer or be served with bread or slightly spicy dishes.

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