Feteasca Neagra

Typical Romanian grape variety, which has been grown for hundreds of years on substantial plantings in the south of Moldova (east part of Romania) and eastern Muntenia (sputhern part of Romania).

Grape characteristics

The grapes are medium to large, cylindrical-conical with spherical, medium-sized berries and dark purple skins. Although it is a vigorous vine, it is resistant to frost, drought and rot Feteasca Neagra has quite a low productivity (sometimes around 30 % of normal). For this reason, when pruning the vines, a large number of buds are left. Feteasca Neagra reaches maturity shortly before merlot, generally after September 10, with  a growing season of about 160-170 days. This variety easily accumulates significant amounts of sugar (230 -240 g/l) and has good acidity of over 7 g/l tartaric acid (if production does not exceed 8.7 tons/ha). Favourable conditions for the maturation of this variety are provided by sunny slopes, where the  accumulation of anthocyanins reaches optimum  levels.

Wines produced

This variety can produce exceptional rosé wines to red wines that can be aged in quality oak barrels and then in the bottle, resulting in distinctive wines, with a pronounced typicity.

Depending on the site and winemaking techniques, resulting wines show a range of flavors and fine tannin structure, good acidity, average to full body and medium to high alcohol level.

Flavors and aromas

Fruits such as blackberries, plums or black cherries

Brown and black cods such as cinnamon, vanilla, pepper and allspice

Toasted bread and skin (for old wines)

Food pairings

For a good Feteasca Neagra or Feteasca Neagra blend:

Oven roasted beef with a concentrated Port wine sauce with onion, garlic, green pepper, sweet pepper and potatoes with rosemary

Beef or lamb steak or wild boar goulash with baked pepper and polenta

Venison goulash with foie gras, allspice, balsamic vinegar and garlic with mashed potatoes

Oven roasted duck with glaze of green spices, baked apples and a reduction of balsamic vinegar with potato puree

Mousses with black chocolate, chili, red pepper and sea salt

Lavacake with black chocolate

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